|chicken pox vaccine|chickenpox|varicella|flesh-eating disease VARIVAX ®has been available in Canada since 1998.
It has been studied in over 89,000 children and adults and is generally well tolerated.
Up to now, over 30 million doses have been distributed worldwide.

Varilrix is a vaccine used in children aged nine months or older, adolescents and adults to prevent chickenpox.
Chickenpox is a highly infectious disease, which usually causes an itchy, red rash with blisters.
The vaccine works by causing the body to produce its own protection (antibodies) against this disease. Groups who would benefit mostly from vaccination include:

non-immune (unprotected) adults at occupational risk, non-immune parents of young children and non-immune adults or children who live in the same house with people who have lowered immunity and have no history of chickenpox.

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