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Who recommends vaccination against chickenpox?

  • The Canadian Paediatric Society

  • The College of Family Physicians of Canada

  • The National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI).

When Do Adults Require Vaccinations?

Vaccinations aren't just for children. Under certain circumstances, adults need them, too.

Although adults are usually aware of when infants and toddlers need to bevaccinated, they often don't know the guidelines for getting themselves vaccinated.

Vaccination against varicella (chickenpox)
If you are an adult and have not already had chickenpox, you should considerbeing vaccinated. Although chickenpox is generally not serious for children,it can lead to complications in adults. It should especially be recommended for teachers, healthcare workers, people in the military, and travelers if they have not had chickenpox.

Measles is caused by a paramyxovirus. Measles (like chickenpox) is extremely communicable and is spread mainly by small droplets from the nose, throat, and mouth of a person in the prodromal or an early eruptive stage of the disease or by airborne droplet nuclei. Indirect spread by uninfected persons or by objects is unusual. The communicable period of the disease begins 2 to 4 days before the rash appears until 2 to 5 days after onset. The virus disappears from nose and throat secretions by the time the rash clears. Persons who develop mild desquamation after the rash are no longer infectious.

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